In the Spotlight: Japandi Design

As the name suggests, Japandi design refers to the blend of Scandinavian and Japanese interior styles. Why would you blend these two unlikely trends? Well, they’re both actually fairly similar and promote similar core tenets, in fact elevating each other. If you want to get to grips with this ever popular design trend, make sure you read on as we deep dive into the trend’s characteristics, why Scandi and Japanese blend so well together and how to get it right in your own home. 

In Conversation with Mark Dolan of Honeycomb

Following on from our incredible house tour of Honeycomb, with the owner and director Mark Dolan, looking at the the features that make his home unique, his favourite elements and the challenges he faced throughout the renovation process; we sat down with him for a short interview to pick his brains about his favourite features, areas and why his home is the perfect shoot location

Spot the Difference at Tulum

n our sixth edition of the classic spot the difference, we bring you Tulum. As always, it’s all a bit of fun, but if you can find all ten differences, you could get a half-price booking fee on your next shoot in September! Top tip – most of them are pretty obvious…

Top 5 for August

We’re back with our monthly instalment, looking at our top five new locations to have registered with us over the last month. August was another cracking month, taking on a gorgeous array of differing family homes across the capital. If you’re after sleek or eclectic, colourful or contemporary, we have you covered this month. Read on for more…