1st Option Rocks TikTok!

This blog post introduces our readers to the social media platform TikTok. In the piece, 1st Option discusses how we have used TikTok and softwares like CapCut to raise brand awareness and really, to have some fun! This blog post is meant to be both fun and informative, giving basic tips on how to utilise the platform as a business, while telling everyone what we’ve been up to.

Photographers We Love – Part 2!

Welcome back to our blog as we delve into Part 2 of photographers we love! This next batch of interiors, lifestyle and still life specialists are coming in with even more inspiration for your personal projects and creative mind.

Photographers We Love – Part 1!

Following our piece on interior stylists, we must acknowledge the people who skilfully capture the curated beauty – the photographers. Whether you’re passionate about interior design or simply have a craving for some good photographic work, we highly encourage you to check out each artist’s portfolio for that inspiration you’re secretly craving.

Interior Stylists We Love!

Summer is finally upon us! So we thought what better a time to shine some light on some of our current favourite designers and stylists, encouraging you to go and check out their unique portfolios to get that fresh inspiration for your personal spaces, or simply for the ol’ memory bank!

Mediterranean Interior Design

Summer is fast approaching – even if it’s still a little chilly here in London. But while scorching summer days are feeling ever elusive, it’s super easy to bring a sense of Southern European coastal elegance into your home. Laid-back and timeless, Mediterranean-inspired interior design can create a touch of elegance and charm in any home. It’s been a popular interior design style for decades, and for good reason.

Is staying in the new going out?

With the cost of living crisis firmly taking hold and many people looking to economise as a result, it seems that more and more of us are thinking outside the box when it comes to entertainment and creating our own ‘pub’ experiences at home. On many levels this actually makes sense – when we go out it’s usually to socialise with our friends, so why not invite them round instead and enjoy their company for a fraction of the cost of a big night out?

It’s a jungle out there…

In recent years it’s become more and more recognised that being surrounded by plants in your living and working environments can have real health benefits, two of the main ones being improved psychological well-being and improved human health.

It’s widely thought that bringing more plants into your life can help to improve your mood, reduce stress levels and improve your productivity. There is also some evidence that they can improve air quality too.

Pastel de Nata

With the onslaught of Spring it’s also got us thinking about pastel shades, who makes the best ones and where we might like to paint them… So, we did a straw poll with everyone here and asked them to pick their favourites and tell us why they like them!

In Conversation with Elisabeth Ciarrocchi from Spratts Factory

Following on from our incredible house tour of Spratts Factory, with the fabulous owner Elisabeth Ciarrocchi, looking at the design elements within her fantastic renovation of a disused dog biscuit factory; we sat down with her for a short interview to pick her brains about her favourite features, what it’s like to live in a factory building and why her home is the perfect shoot location.