My Home. My Haven. Style with Nash

In the first episode of our new video series, ‘My Home My Haven’, the wonderful Stephen, who is an incredible interior designer and owns our fabulous location Nash, takes you on a tour of the house, highlighting the features that make his style unique, his favourite elements and the challenges faced throughout the renovation process. If you are interested in design, this is a must-watch1, with a wealth of insightful, interesting and truly fascinating tips, tricks and stories!

Spot the Difference at Store Cupboard

In our third edition of the classic spot the difference, we bring you Store Cupboard. As always, it’s all a bit of fun, but the lucky so and so who can find all ten differences before the end of May will receive a half-price booking fee on their next shoot! Will it be you?

The New Location Showcase – The Compound

Our fourth property to feature in the new location showcase is one of the most eye-catching properties you’re likely to find, welcome to The Compound

Located between the trendy jewellery quarter and Birmingham’s city centre, The Compound is easily accessible by car or train, with both Snow Hill and Jewellery Quarter stations a short walk away.  

Originally a 10,000 sq. ft textile factory, in 2012, The Compound was converted into one of the most outstanding shoot locations! 

Now a home, studio, office and multi-functional creative space, this popular location ticks all boxes and it’s easy to see why. 

The property itself is split over three floors, connected through the use of bridges, balconies, mezzanine floors and courtyards. 

As you enter you are greeted by this vast courtyard, displaying eye-catching features from the moment you glimpse it. 

Finished with wooden panels, steel framing, an array of large plants and small trees, a steel spiral staircase, exposed brick walls, a striking mural, an immense crittal wall, industrial furniture and a blend of cobbled and astroturf flooring, the space offers oodles of creative shooting opportunities.  

Enter through the crittal doors to the extensive open-plan kitchen/ living/ dining room, featuring a wealth of industrial elements – carrying on the aesthetic showcased in the courtyard area. 

Attention to detail is a prevailing aspect here, with a truly impeccable standard of decor! 

Expect to see more plants, exposed brick, crittal and steel, as well as an enormous aged brass kitchen island, polished concrete flooring, an Eames armchair and a multitude of fabulously unique artwork. 

The industrial-chic aesthetic continues onto the 1st floor, where you’ll find bridges and balconies leading to a 25 seat cinema, a speakeasy bar and an art studio – showcasing the impressive versatility the space possesses. 

The available bedroom at The Compound features a rustic vibe, packed full with wooden elements including wooden floors, wooden walls, and wooden beams. Two antique lamps, along with a large semi-circle mirror and more interesting artwork add to the character and charm of the room. 

There is one bathroom also available to shoot at, and following in the same vein as the rest of the property, it is fitted with a steel framed mirror, a rain shower, wooden beams, hanging antique lighting and brass fittings galore! 

The Compound has overnight storage facilities, as well as hair and makeup areas, but the owners have asked for clients to ask for permission before moving any furniture.

3 phase power, iron, ironing board and clothes rail are also all available here, however, you will need to bring your own clothes steamer. 

Children, food, animals and decorating shoots are all permitted here, as is small and large scale filming. 

There is space in the winter garden for up to 5 cars but if you’re using the winter garden to shoot in, there is an open air car park 5 mins away, costing £7.50/day

The Compound is the ultimate industrial-chic location, oozing with personality and character, so if that sounds up your street, make sure you give us a call to find out more. 

Spot the Difference at Hopton

Our second edition of the classic spot the difference comes from Hopton. As always, it’s all a bit of fun, but if you can find all ten differences by the end of April, we’ll give you a half price booking fee on your next shoot!

Top 5 trendiest shoot locations in North London

If you live in London, you’ll be well aware of the age-old debate; which is the trendiest part of London? East Londoners will hark on about how they have held the crown for the ‘coolest’ spots over the last decade, while the South London community are saying that it’s currently their time in the sun. If you travel to West London, however, residents will point to their sheer wealth as evidence of status. Nevertheless, one thing that can’t be overlooked is that North London seems to tread the waters of all three other parts of London – there’s an abundance of wealth and it’s always been deemed just as ‘cool’ as East. Furthermore, a North Londoner will rarely tread south of the river, speaking volumes to the credence they put on their home. People from North London may hold it in high regard, but does it actually have the trendiest properties in London? Before we get into it, however, make sure you check out our top five for East London and let us know which is your favourite. 


We can’t talk about trendy shoot locations in North London without mentioning Nash; this striking family home near Islington is the epitome of stylish! Designed by the interior outfit All & Nxthing, it is fairly clear to see why Nash makes our top five. Nash boasts a forward-thinking, contemporary aesthetic, with neutral, pared back Scandi furnishings. However, it’s not the touches of Scandi decor that make Nash so trendy. You’ll struggle to get more on-trend than the open-plan kitchen/ dining/ living room. Open-plan living is right at the forefront of what’s popular right now. Combine the natural elements and concrete flooring with the juxtaposition of simple white decor and eye-catching black cabinets, and you have a Pinterest-ready space. Other elements that elevate Nash include a gorgeous, painted white, exposed brick feature wall, fabulous crittal doors and skylights that immerse the space with natural light. If you’re after a blend of Scandi, with slightly brutalist elements, natural materials and heaps of space, Nash is the place for you! 

The fabulous open-plan kitchen/ living/ dining room available at Nash


After witnessing the exceptional work that All & Nxthing achieved with Nash, it’s easy to see why our second location to make the cut is also designed by them – welcome to Arezzo! Located between Kentish Town and Hampstead Heath, right in the heart of the trendiest parts of North London, Arezzo is an exceptionally spacious family home, impeccably designed to the highest of standards. There is a sophisticated layout here, with an on-trend open-plan kitchen/ living/ dining room, offering the majority of the shoot space. Raw and natural materials like steel, concrete, oak and leather provide the visual connection and depth throughout the house. Warmth is also supplemented through the use of the kitchen island, finished with warm sand tones and a ribbed effect, adding texture and depth. To add the sense of luxury and quality, this fabulous location also features crittal doors and has a gorgeous oriel window that brings oodles of natural light into the space. 

The sophisticated layout showcasing visual connection and depth at Arezzo

Birchwood House

After two more traditional-style family homes, our next location is Birchwood House, one of the most fascinating properties you’re likely to see! This incredibly memorable shoot location showcases a unique look, blending an original 1860’s cottage with a modern 2000 sq. ft glass extension – something that’s hugely popular in 2022. Arresting elements include a double-height atrium with large glass roof, concrete flooring, gorgeous columns and original lattice windows, found in the old cottage. However, the jewel in Birchwood’s crown is its incredible courtyard. Courtyard properties are on the rise and this might be one of the best in the game! Surrounded by gorgeous birch trees and an array of eye-catching seating covered in patina, the courtyard adds a wealth of character and charm to an already showstopping house. Some of the most noteworthy instagrammable touches include a suspended wood burner, glass walls, a spiral wooden staircase and the most outstanding wall of marble in the bathroom.

Birchwood House has all the characteristics of an on-trend location


In 2022, you can’t get much more trendy than biophilia! Our fourth location to make the list, Jansons, is the absolute embodiment of this. Biophilia is the trend towards bringing the natural world into our lives again. Doing this provides intrinsic benefits, including making us happier and healthier, allowing for satisfaction, inspiration and peace, and therefore improving our total wellbeing. Jansons has intertwined the whole property with the natural world. Not only is this striking location inundated with a gorgeous array of potted and hanging plants – adding texture and visual weight – but it has gone one step further into the ever-popular world of biophilia. This includes the adoption of adapted natural materials like plywood and polished concrete flooring, the use of the colour green, the great many plants and the wealth of natural light that floods the space through floor-to-ceiling windows and the immense central skylight. 

You won’t find much more biophilia on show than at Jansons


Featuring elements present in all of the above properties, our final location that had to make our top five trendiest North London locations is Kingsley. This Highgate-based shoot location is an ultra-modern courtyard-style property with bundles of premium touches! Following the common theme across the rest of the houses on the list, Kingsley also offers an open-plan layout, with vast floor-to-ceiling windows, acting as glass walls throughout the space. This is balanced by a mass of walnut panelling that creates a subtle premium vibe! Finished to an exceptionally high spec, with elements such as an impressive wood burner, wooden floors, great views and a luxurious pond found in the courtyard, Kingsley ticks most boxes when it comes to design features. Thanks to its inside/ outside aesthetic, Kingsley wouldn’t be out of place in Japan or LA and because of this, it had to make our list!

Kingsley and its luxurious decor

New Location Showcase – Palm Springs

The new location showcase is back and boy have we brought it back with a bang; our third location in the series is the modern-yet-retro Palm Springs.

Located in the bustling town of Haywards Heath, 36 miles south of London and 14 miles north of Brighton, Palm Springs is conveniently located a short drive from the two busiest cities in the South.

The property itself is an extremely eye-catching 1960’s/ 70’s-style family home, with a combination of original brickwork and modern glass extensions.

An intriguing front entrance plays host to a striking fountain that can be viewed through a glass feature wall, found behind the 2 Bibendum chairs, the first remarkable pieces of mid-century furniture.

Upon entry, you are welcomed by wooden floors, white-painted exposed brickwork, a whole host of funky artwork and an inviting hallway that leads to the unique stainless steel and wood, open tread staircase that connects the ground and first floor.

The ground floor provides the majority of shooting space at Palm Springs and is where you’ll find the first of the memorable living areas. This broken-plan room is finished with brushed grey carpet, solid strip wood panelling and a wealth of mid-century furniture, including sofas, chairs, tables, lamps and cabinets.

Couple these with the abstract art and the fantastic wall divider with double-sided gas fireplace, and the retro aesthetic can really be felt immersing the space.

A unique layout presides at Palm Springs, with the study, sun room, kitchen and indoor swimming pool all found towards the rear of the property, utilising the space usually reserved just for the kitchen.

Reached either through the sliding glass doors from the main living room, or down the rear hallway from the kitchen; the sun room offers another imaginative space to shoot. This eye-catching room features more retro furniture and quirky artwork, such as this Robert Stewart textile wall art…as well as tiled flooring, biophilia and tons of natural light that floods the space from all angles.

Conversely to the rest of the property, the kitchen features more of a traditional British country feel, with tiled flooring, white painted exposed brick, white cupboards and a quintessential blue AGA.

Neighbouring the kitchen is the indoor swimming pool, featuring an exposed brick feature wall, floor-to-ceiling glass walls and an array of majestic plants that add visual weight and depth.

Venture up to the first floor to find the four bedrooms and four ensuite bathrooms that are available at this outstanding shoot location

Much like the main living room, the master suite takes you on a journey back to 70’s, with slate blue walls, brushed grey carpets, wooden furnishings and more unique artwork.

Follow the room round to find the hair and makeup area, complete with built-in wardrobes, more retro furnishings and a Poltronova Ultrafragola mirror/ lamp.

Complementing the aesthetic of the house, Palm Springs also has an outdoor swimming pool, located in the large back garden, surrounded by interesting sculptures and views of the Sussex countryside.

The house is equipped with Wi-Fi, an ironing board, clothes steamer and the owner is happy to provide tea & coffee for crews. 

Animals, children and food shoots are allowed here, but the owners have asked for only small-scale filming at the property.

There is a long driveway at Palm Springs that provides parking for up to 10 cars or 2 large lorries and the closest train station is Haywards Heath; a short 45 minute journey from London Bridge.

If you are looking for a one-of-kind, retro property and are happy to travel a little ways outside of London, then come and have a look at Palm Springs and give us a call to find out more.

Top five for March

It’s that time of the month again; when we like to give you the lowdown on the top properties that came through our doors in March. Keeping the bar extremely high and carrying on the trend from the beginning of the year, we’ve been fortunate to be able to add even more fabulous new locations. With properties ranging from textile factory conversions to architect-designed new builds in South East London, as always we have a little something to cover all angles. Despite it being late in the month, we know you love our breakdowns, so no need to fear, our top five for March is here.

The Compound

First up is the incredibly eye-catching The Compound – the foremost creative space in Birmingham. Originally a 10,000 sq. ft textile factory, The Compound has now been converted into one of the most outstanding shoot locations you’re likely to see. Attention to detail is a prevailing aspect here, with an impeccable standard of decor. This includes a wealth of crittal, exposed brick, polished concrete flooring, mezzanine floors, wooden beams, steel framing and steel bridges and balconies, as well as two Eames armchairs and an array of interesting artwork. This impressively versatile space also contains a 25 seat cinema, a speakeasy bar, and an art studio, speaking volumes to its title as the foremost creative space in Birmingham. With a very industrial-chic aesthetic and a striking courtyard, you are not going to be short of awesome shooting opportunities here. The multifunctionality and size of the space means it can be transformed into many creative styles and is perfect for filming and photoshoots.

Outstanding attention to detail on show at The Compound


Moving on, we take you from a former textile factory to a gorgeous Victorian terraced house, situated in the heart of East London. This arresting shoot location is finished almost entirely in black, with subtle sand tones and loud leopard prints. As a Victorian property, period features are never far from view, including Victorian floorboards, exceptionally high ceilings with wooden beams and original fireplaces. Nevertheless, the house has been meticulously designed with an array of premium touches, bringing it firmly into the 21st Century. Expect to see exposed brick, crittal doors, parquet flooring and a grand drawing room adorned with Carl Fagerlund chandeliers and wall lights. Unique decor, with texture and visual weight are the overarching themes at Panther, so we would recommend photoshoots as well as small-scale filming here.

The arresting interiors at Panther



Third up see’s us move from a period property to a fascinating architect-designed contemporary family home, set over 3,300 sq. ft and 6 floors, with 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and a tiered garden with roof terrace. Premium features dictate the style of the property with glass walls, parquet flooring and skylights that immerse the place with natural light across all levels. If this wasn’t enough to tickle your fancy, this eye-catching South East London home also houses a gym, cinema room and shower room, as well as a large garden and makeup area. The standout shooting area within the home comes from the first floor, offering an open-plan kitchen/ living room that is connected to the ground floor by the use of an incredible glass walkway, with views to the floor below. Other features that make this location special include polished concrete areas, a concrete feature wall, a striking wood burner and floor-to-ceiling glass windows that overlook the mature trees in the gardens below. With an array of floors to shoot on, Canopy is perfect for a photoshoot brief looking for many diverse areas.

Floor 3 and 4 at Canopy


Moving away from London, our fourth location to squeeze into our top five is Farah – an industrial barn conversion with a simple-yet-chic decor. All set over one floor, this eye-catching shoot location features a largely open-plan aesthetic with extremely high vaulted ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows and natural materials as far as the eye can see. As with a lot of barn renovations, quality and attention to detail rule supreme. Check out the polished concrete flooring, concrete walls and the abundance of crittal, adding to the stylish industrial atmosphere. Nevertheless, the decor felt within the space is more of a modern minimalist vibe, with a delicate finish, pared back furnishings and lots of natural materials. Due to the towering gable windows at the back, despite being on one floor, without many windows, the space experiences a great deal of welcomed natural daylight, so if you are looking for a bright photographic space, Farah may be ideal. Furthemore, with large open-plan spaces and grounds to the rear, we would also recommend filming at this property.

Farah is a single floor barn conversion with subtle furnishings



Our last location is by no means an afterthought, come and have a look around Martini – a gorgeous 1930’s detached family home that’s recently undergone a renovation and added rear extension. It’s this area that really plays host to the magic of the property! Here you can expect to find a fabulous open-plan kitchen/dining/ bar area, finished in a rich purple hue, with engineered wood floors, exposed brick, crittal doors and hits of gold. The front living room continues in the same vein as the kitchen, with a predominantly purple colour scheme and parquet flooring, however, there is a unique North African aesthetic here, with luscious green plants and four eye-catching floor cushions. We love the way they have blended a period property with a modern extension, creating a truly unique location with many design features perfect for photoshoots. The kitchen/ dining/ bar area also makes for an excellent filming spot due its size and open-plan layout!

The moody kitchen/ dining/ bar area at Martini

15 Design Ideas to ‘Spruce up your Space’

Giving your home an update or refresh can be a daunting thought, let alone task, especially when you have a limited budget and even less time. However, breathing new life into your home doesn’t have to break the bank if you’re smart and savvy with your ideas. Luckily for you, we’ve done the research and have thought of 15 brilliant home decor ideas that don’t cost the earth to implement, saving you those much needed pennies. With things as simple as styling your bookshelf, or rearranging your furniture, you can have your entire space feeling fresh, refined and bang on trend. All the ideas can be tackled in one day, with the results looking like they have taken much longer, so if you want to be the talk of the town, make sure you read on and check out our 15 design ideas to spruce up your space. 

Get organised 

It might sound simple, but giving everything a home and decluttering will instantly transform any space. With all your belongings back in their official place, you will have tons of new space, creating the illusion of a larger room. Add a few pieces that can ease those organisation worries – consider installing a coat rack or coat hooks on the wall, it looks incredibly stylish and clears up your mess by the door before it gathers.

Check out the best wall coat hook ideas on Pinterest

Create a focal point 

Creating a focal point is one of the most cost effective ways to revamp your home. Half the time you will already have these items or elements in your home; you perhaps just didn’t know how to utilise them. Creating a focal point will tie your whole room together and allow the rest of your furniture to blend into the space effortlessly. Be careful, however, to make sure that nothing stands out too much or oversaturates the room. Things that work great as focal points are mirrors, fireplaces, artwork or oversized tables and lamps. Heed this advice and you’ll completely change the dynamic of your space, giving off the appearance of an entire room renovation. 

Cost effective ways of creating a focal point as seen at Ashington House and Cole

Add inspiration from nature 

Plants and natural elements are a superb way to breathe new life into a space! Natural materials not only bring colour to your room, but also bring texture, depth and warmth, complementing foliage. Think materials such as seagrass, rattan, jute, wood, brushed concrete, and marble. Floral arrangements can also beautify a room all on their own – structural plants like Elephant Ears or Birds of Paradise are very popular at the moment, they will add weight and form to the space. If you aren’t particularly green-fingered, or your rooms don’t receive much natural light, there are some incredible fake plants that will add plenty of visual impact too.

Foliage and other natural elements on show at Palm Residence and Peony

Don’t be afraid of black paint 

For a long while, people steered clear of black paint, thinking it would harden up their space, instead opting for fresher hues. Think about not being that person though! Black is in fact a neutral colour; rather than harshening one, so it will actually soften it. Because of this, it also helps bring your standout features to the fore. If used on a feature wall or feature room, it can help elevate your space. Check out Curious, Brighton House or The Rock to see how it’s done. You can also add wood panelling to create a premium effect that can’t be matched by lighter hues. Black can be perfect in a bedroom, standout living room or study/ library and all it takes is a lick of paint! 

Curious opts for a black panelled wall to create a sophisticated look and moody interiors at The Rock

Style an empty fireplace 

If you have an empty space where a fireplace used to be, styling this can be a dead simple and very cheap way to enhance your room. Try making it the focal point by turning it into a small gallery, with vases and artwork. Alternatively, you could fill it with logs, or place your weekly bouquet of flowers there. How about re-tiling or filling with books or magazines? If you have a bit of money to spend, log burners are really on trend and look great in fireplaces. This will cost a bit of money to implement but is definitely worth it if you have the time and money. Check out Apollo and Bamboo for inspiration on how to fill your fireplace with logs, or alternatively Minton House and Midnight for an inspiring arrangement of flowers. 

Apollo showcases logs in the fireplace, while Midnight opts for flowers in a vase

Style a bookshelf 

Similarly to styling an empty fireplace, if you have a bookshelf, this can be an especially easy way to tie your room together and add that desired bit of zhuzh. Rather than keeping it just as a bookshelf, play around with colour, make it a feature wall on its own, or if you already have a feature wall, blend it in with that. Likewise, add decor accents through elements such as vases, sculptures and plants, which will help to break up the monotony of a wall of books. This has the added effect of creating texture and depth for your wall. If you have enough books you can colour coordinate them, making the space feel more cohesive whilst incorporating colour blocking into your design. On the other hand, asymmetrical looks are very popular at the moment too, have fun with the design and try to think outside the box, like the kind of style seen in The Kitchen or Bobbin

Two fabulous ways of creating texture, depth and visual weight at Bobbin and The Kitchen

Show your guest bathroom some love 

Show your nooks some love and your house will certainly appreciate it! It’s often easy to overlook the smallest rooms in the house; this will most likely be your guest bathroom. Due to the size of these rooms, they take no time at all to elevate – add a fresh lick of paint to make the space stand out. Take it a step further by hanging some art or photos on the wall and if there’s enough natural light, decorate with bathroom friendly plants like a Birds Nest Fern, Pothos or perhaps a few air plants. Your small room will now pack a punch with an eclectic mix of colour, texture and imagery. 

Hopton shows how a display of mirrors can elevate your space, while Kombu also incorporates some foliage

Opt for statement art 

If your walls are looking tired, lacklustre or merely a bit bland, adding a gallery wall can really elevate the area. This can be anything from some standout pieces of artwork, photos, or perhaps something a bit more crazy like a wall of mirrors or plates; all ideas can be great as they not only add visual weight but showcase your personality to the viewer too. You could take this one step further by playing around with shapes, sizes and frames! If you find a gallery wall excessive, oversized art or sculptures can achieve similar results and can also act as a much needed focal point – bringing visual depth and weight to the space. Check out Carlo and Havana to see how this can be effortlessly achieved. 

Sculptures and oversized artwork both achieve the same results at Carlo and Havana

Go bold with your lighting 

If there is one single thing that can tie a room together, it’s a light fixture. Want to make your room feel more sophisticated and refined? How about a couple of elegant sconces or a hanging pendant light? Bedside table lights can look chunky and geurish, so opting for something more delicate can look far more chic. Furthermore, they can add far more contrast to the more traditional elements throughout the bedroom. If elegance isn’t to your taste, bold floor lamps are a great way to bring any room to life – they are sleek, stylish, striking and quirky enough to draw attention without taking away from the essence of the room. A brilliant example of this is the fabulous Marsham Place. If you can source one that doubles as a piece of art, you’re on to a winner. Check out Palm Springs’ incredible retro mirror that triples up as a light and standout piece of sculptural artwork.

The statement mirror at Palm Springs and the bold floor lamp at Marsham Place

Play around with your furniture layout

In 2022, symmetry is becoming slightly outdated; why do your sofas and tables have to line up anyway? Try flanking the sofas with a side table and if you don’t have room for chairs, how about some striking floor cushions by the coffee table? Floor cushions are becoming incredibly popular this year and will really help to create a cosy and interesting environment. Likewise, by shifting the furniture a few inches from the wall, you can create a far more intimate aesthetic that completely transforms the vibe of the space. Take a look at Martini, Half Acres or Gee Street for inspiration. 

Gee Street shows that furniture doesn’t have to line up, while Martini offers inspiration for floor cushions

Play with proportion

Following on from the point above, playing with the proportions of furniture can add tons of visual depth and weight. Changing shape and scale offers a universe of inspiration and possibilities – try oversized mirrors and looping lamps, placed next to low coffee tables, or a large sofa and small chair in the corner. Check out Carlo for a great example of how to play with proportion. 

Carlo is a great example of how to mix up proportions within your home

Throw in a coffee table 

However small or large your living room is, a coffee table is a must! Not only are they practical, they’re decorative and give the rest of the furniture a focal point – making the whole space feel more intimate. To add further depth, have a look for a coffee table with storage. Show off your personality even more by showcasing your favourite items. By changing the items from week to week, you have the ability to change the dynamic of the area and keep it fresh.

Both Birchwood House and Harper showcase their personalities through their coffee tables

Mix and match chairs 

What did we say about symmetry earlier? Gone are the days where you had to opt for a perfect set of chairs in your kitchen or living room; so try swapping out a set of formal chairs for some upcycled rustic wooden or metal variations that add character and personality. Mismatching can be far cooler than you think and is bang on trend. Play around with colour and style to showcase your personality even further. 

Mixing chairs are in now! Just ask Clapton Tram Shed or Three Gables

Cosy up with sheepskin 

Another material that is really in at the moment is sheepskin. Adaptable and suitable all year round, if your space is feeling bare or austere, sheepskin is a great solution for adding depth and character. It’s perfect for any room or situation as it brings warmth, texture and comfort, whilst being especially easy to implement. Similarly, it has the effect of making a space look luxurious, so start draping them across seating and beds or place them on the floor for a rug effect. Check out Ophelia for some great inspiration. 

Head to Ophelia or Pinterest to see how best to use sheepskin

Showcase your antiques and collectables 

Antiques and collectables are a great way to revamp your rooms. They are special and so instantly draw the eye. Use the natural focal points as a place to show off your favourite pieces. They create visual weight and show off personality, so instead of hiding away your knick-knacks, perhaps create a shelf predominantly for them and place them front and centre! 

Florence and Mile End Road are perfect examples of how to showcase your antiques

Spot the Difference at Marilyn

Welcome to the first edition of our new spot the difference series, this week at Marilyn. It’s all a bit of fun, but anyone who can find all ten differences and send them to us before the next edition goes live is welcome to a half price booking fee on their next shoot!

Top five for January 2022

A new year often brings many changes with it, one change it can’t bring, however, is the amount of incredible new locations that flow through our doors on a monthly basis. Following on from the outstanding end to 2021, we have been incredibly lucky to welcome a multitude of amazing new locations. January 2022 may well be the best January we’ve ever had – seeing us take on properties ranging from one-of-a-kind architect designed homes to Grade II listed Georgian Villas, gorgeous East London family homes to Georgian manor houses set within 88 acres of land. Before we get into it, if you want the inside scoop, make sure you check out our interior design predictions for the year ahead, in the meantime, here’s our top five for January. 


Designed by the incredible interior design outfit that created Nash and Angel – amongst many other superb properties – All and Nxthing has brought another masterpiece to life. Welcome to Arezzo. This exceptionally spacious family home in North London has been designed meticulously. Prevailing interiors consist of raw materials including steel, concrete, oak and leather, all of which provide visual connection throughout the space. This is matched by the living room’s solid oak slatted ceiling, which adds warmth, whilst mirroring the kitchen and its island’s ribbed oak cabinet doors. Likewise, the circular kitchen island, dining table and library poles also add weight and sophistication, juxtaposing the clean lines on show. Light inundates the space, beaming through the 3.5m skylight, the large crittal doors and the oversized oriel windows – all of which add to the refinement of the space. Minimalism presides throughout the rest of the house, with standout features including original artwork, tons of natural hues and natural materials from end to end. Due to the size of Arezzo, we would recommend only small-scale filming and photoshoots here. 

Clean lines and sophisticated interiors at Arezzo

Birchwood House

Staying in North West London, just a short walk from Arezzo, our second new location this month is the rather memorable Birchwood House. This remarkably unique location combines old and new, bringing together an 1860’s cottage with a lateral 2000 sq ft modern glass extension, all set around a glorious courtyard. This light-filled property features a striking double-height atrium, discovered upon entry, with a large glass roof, concrete flooring, original columns and to top it off, original lead lattice windows found in the old cottage. Outstanding features are part and parcel of being a shoot location, however, Birchwood House’s courtyard is a lion amongst sheep. The area is surrounded by gorgeous birch trees and an array of eye-catching seating covered in patina, adding character to this spectacular home. Interiors consist of a contemporary minimalistic aesthetic, with remarkable touches throughout, including a suspended wood burner, glass walls, a spiral wooden staircase and the most outstanding wall of marble in the bathroom. Birchwood is vast, with tons of space for shooting, so filming and photoshoots are ideal here. 

Birchwood House showcasing contemporary minimalistic interiors


We are absolutely delighted to announce our third new location this month! Take a look around Homestead, a marvellous East London Victorian Villa, with spacious rooms, great natural light and a huge 159 ft south-facing garden. The house itself features an extensive kitchen/ living/ dining area, finished with bundles of premium touches. These include polished concrete flooring, crittal doors, brass fittings, neutral hues and skylights that immerse the space with natural light – making it perfect for day shoots! You don’t have to look too hard to find exceptional elements at Homestead, as this outstanding property is brimming with original period features; check out the original 1920’s Versailles parquet flooring with walnut trim, a working Victorian style marble fireplace with a classic Chesney’s fire basket, bay windows, sash windows and biophilia that can be found throughout, adding that touch of elegance. If we hadn’t sold Homestead enough already, the huge rear garden incorporates a garage, a large patio, a wooden-clad summerhouse and an outdoor kitchen that steals the show. With open-plan spaces and tons of opportunity for pull-back, there are many areas within this special home that filming would be ideal for. And with an array of rooms offering different shooting opportunities, we would recommend photoshoots here too.

The light and spacious Homestead


From a family home in East London, to a manor house situated within 88 acres of parkland, on the edge of the Salisbury plain – we could not offer you more variety if we tried. Located in an area of outstanding natural beauty, our next location is Medallion: a classic Georgian manor house, approached through an enchanting tree lined drive that will have you swooning before you even enter the property. This 10,000 sq ft location house, with 8 bedrooms and 4 reception rooms offers a unique and eclectic mix of period decoration and contemporary art and furniture, with a plethora of colour throughout. You would be right to assume that a property of this magnitude is littered with remarkable touches. Venture inside to find quirky decor throughout the drawing and ballrooms (both of which feature soaring vaulted ceilings), and step outside to find 4 acres of formal and informal gardens, a swimming pool, kitchen garden, tennis court and a Georgian stables complex, complete with stable yard. With such extensive assets, you won’t struggle to find unique filming or photoshoot opportunities here at Medallion.

Medallion offers outstanding gardens and eclectic interiors


Our final location of the month takes us to Crystal Palace. Check out Ophelia, a Grade II listed, semi-detached Georgian Villa. Built as one of the original exhibition Georgian Villas in early 1830, the property offers a gorgeous blend of original features, offset against a modern, but complementary extension. Interiors consist of 2 formal, period living rooms and a large open-plan kitchen/ dining room; expect to see traditional furniture, exposed brick, tiled flooring, a muted colour palette and skylights – allowing for natural light to beam in. Plants are the overarching theme when you proceed outside, where you’ll find a gorgeous manicured garden area, designed with an Italian feel. This consists of a flower room and summer house, set upon 3 levels. If you like the look of Ophelia, we would recommend opting for stills or very small-scale filming in the kitchen/ dining area. 

The modern but complementary extension on show at Ophelia