Top 5 Trendiest shoot Locations in East London

With the gentrification of nearly every corner of London, and despite many people saying that it has stomped out vast amounts of culture, it has opened the door for sways of people to move further out from the city centre. With East London the first place to get gentrified, by now it has gone full circle and managed to keep its pockets of culture while boasting some incredibly modern and lavish parts. Here at 1st Option we have collated a list of the trendiest properties that East London has to offer, all of which offer completely different identities to the next.

 First up we shall start with perhaps one of the most unique exteriors you’ll be able to find in the whole of London. Blackwood House, perfectly situated a short walk from Old Street, Angel and Dalston Kingsland, is bang on trend and effortlessly displays the East London aesthetic of modern-day London. I mean, could you see a property like this working anywhere else? This extraordinarily eye-catching property perfectly blends simple, modern and stylish interiors with top of the range technology and furniture. However, where this property really does shine is the remarkable exterior that is clad and decked completely in black stained wood. It also comes with an extremely private garden, with evergreen for all year-round shooting.

Black cladding and modern interiors

 Now take a look at Optical! I told you every property was completely different to the next, and this Victorian townhouse could hardly be any more different to Blackwood House if it tried. Optical offers a host of the period features that everyone is after at the moment. This is set against mid-century modernist lighting and furniture and works absolutely perfectly. Furthermore, with a range of pastel interiors and chic décor, this gorgeous house has a really unique and modernist feel to it that just can’t be beaten.

Modern interiors meets period features

 Moving south from Homerton, our third property is situated close to the heart of Canary Wharf. Spratts Factory is an incredibly large and versatile space that has been used in countless tv adverts and ad campaigns, all of which only add to the property’s exclusivity and appeal. This ever-popular location features large rooms, a ton of exposed brickwork, which is all the craze right now, crittal windows and a large open-plan kitchen with a moveable island.

Chic interiors of Spratts Factory

 Next up we have Dingley Place, an exceptionally modern shoot location that wouldn’t be out of place if it was uprooted and placed in Malibu. Stylishly decorated with a minimalist approach to the interior and furniture, Dingley place features a glass wall that opens out to a gorgeous enclosed terrace and because of this, offers a wealth of natural light. Additionally, this striking property also includes a state-of-the-art bedroom and bathroom, paired with a spiral staircase that’ll be sure to get your head spinning.

Straight out of Malibu and placed in East London

If the definition of trendy is stylish and indescribably cool, then you can’t write a list of the trendiest shoot locations in East London without including Eltham Court. With nearly every corner of this mesmeric property offering something completely different to the next, you’d have to be crazy to not want to shoot here. While including many avant-garde features inside, paired with a luxurious garden to match, we personally don’t think we need to say too much more as the photos really speak for themselves. 

Mesmeric imagery potential at Eltham Court

Rhythm and Views – 5 of the Best

When you think of London, what springs to mind? Big Ben & the Houses of Parliament? The East End and Pie and Mash? At the end of the day, however many things may come to your mind, one thing that should never be missed off your list is London’s iconic skyline. One of the most famous the world has ever seen, and for good reason. It is truly spectacular from all vantage points around the city, never getting tired or old and always being added to. Ever thought you needed something truly breathtaking for your shoot, but never been able to find something to do it justice, well luckily for you we have some of the most remarkable properties with some of the most awe-inspiring views anyone could ever ask for. And we’ve put together our list for you to save you the trouble of endless hunting. 

First up we have a roof terrace that doesn’t actually require too much said about it. Our Big Sky Roof Studio in North London offers mesmerising 360 degree views of the whole of London. Due to the vicinity of the space you can quite literally capture any aspect of the city you see fit. It also has a striking black brick building and wooden floorboards to compliment the skyline in a very distinguished way. Not often can you get a shot that ranges the whole skyline in the way that Big Sky Roof Studio does, don’t just take my word for it, book it in and prove me right.

Panoramic Views OF Big Sky Roof Studio

One thing that’s for sure is London is never short of roof terraces. What it actually comes down to is sorting the wheat from the chaff. Luckily for you guys, we’re pretty good at it at 1st Option. With a terrace featuring views that sprawl across London including The Shard, London Eye and The Gherkin check out Hot Tub. With the winding train lines heading right into the heart of London, the view really illuminates the journey taken by many to get where they want to be. In the big city! Moreover there are many chill out areas on the terrace including a hot tub of course. You can see why it’s so popular! 

Winding tracks into the heart of London

Next up we give you The Water Tower, London’s only ten-story water tower conversion with a modern cube extension. Merely a short walk from Elephant and Castle tube station, this modernised conversion truly is as remarkable as it sounds. Offering state of the art furnishings throughout you’ll never be short of unique imagery or photo opportunities, and that’s just the inside. When you venture out onto the terrace you are greeted by spectacular 360 degree panoramic views that can’t be matched, looking over the whole of London. Whether inside or out you are able to sample the views due to unparalleled vantage points, floor to ceiling windows and ten stories to choose from. 

Ten stories with 360 degree views

Something a little different next, Coin offers a different angle, vantage point and entity altogether. As a beautiful new office space that moonlights as a shoot location just south of the river, the space offers iron pillars, wooden beams and exposed brick inside, as well as being decorated with some unique artwork and house plants. However, where Coin really makes waves is when you venture out onto the balcony that overlooks the River Thames, Tower Bridge and The City from an extremely unique viewpoint. Could you imagine seeing those views up close and personal everyday?

Office Goals

Have you ever seen a picture so perfect it looks like it’s a painting? Well you have now! They say a picture speaks a thousand words, well in this case I think it might just be one. Perfection. The aptly named Greenwich just a short walk from North Greenwich underground station is a gorgeous, large double fronted Victorian detached house, with some of the best views of London you might ever lay your eyes on. The whole property lies over 5000 sq. ft and has many dazzling features that make for a sublime shoot location. This includes oak parquet flooring, many period features and a beautiful open plan kitchen that looks over the South-West facing garden. And this is where the magic really begins, you are blessed with a truly unforgettable view that transcends any other you’ll find in London. Could you ever think of a more alluring backdrop in your life? 

Picture perfect

If you’ve been blown away by any of these properties and their magnificent views then get in touch with our incredible bookings team today!

Studios: Lifestyle vs Blank Canvas

Styled, lifestyle led studios or empty, blank canvas studios? Which style should you choose for your next shoot? There is often an ongoing debate over which type of studio is better, however, what it really comes down to is which suits your shoot better. While they both have their pros and cons, you have to know exactly what you are looking for if you are to make an informed decision. The key is to know what you’re looking to achieve in your final shots. So without further ado here are the benefits of both.

Styled Studios

Styled studios generally come with an array of interesting and mood creating props, one location that does the effortlessly is the fabulous Dalston Heights! 

Dalston Heights and its unique props

If you are struggling to come up with a theme for your shoot or don’t have enough money to decorate your set then styled studios might be more to your liking, properties like Belt Craft already give off a certain feeling, style or aesthetic, making your job a lot easier.

The unique aesthetic of Belt Craft

As just touched on, many styled studios come pre-set, offering you a certain aesthetic, whether it be quirky, moody or fun, however, in some cases they may differ from floor to floor offering you a selection of unique shooting opportunities all in one space. One property that highlights this perfectly is Friendly Place. 

Differing styles of Friendly Place

Because of the above points, there is the opportunity within styled studios to create one of a kind imagery that can’t be replicated in other locations, properties like Clapton Tram Shed are ideal examples of this.

Unique biophilic design of Clapton Tram Shed

Often these styled studios come in far larger spaces than their counterparts, warehouses for example like Buckle Factory, which is an ex textile factory, are often converted into new studio spaces and can be over 2000 sq,ft.

The vast space that Buckle Factory has to offer

Blank Canvas Studios

Blank canvas studios, on the other hand, allow you full control over the style of the shoot. Studios like Tram Depot come fairly bare, allowing you to decorate the set as much or as little as you see fit.

Ability to style however you see fit

More often than not these types of studios come with professional lighting and a selection of coloured backdrops, so if you are looking for some pristine headshots or on the other hand are looking to take some modelling shots, a property that fits the bill perfectly would be Loft Studios.

Professional lighting at Loft Studios

Blank canvas studios offer versatility in their own way, perhaps less overtly without a range of quirky props, but they are often equipped with blackout options, making the space ideal for all types of shoots much like Dalston Studio.

Blackout options at Dalston Studio

Another feature that blank canvas studios often possess is a dedicated hair and makeup room, generally because the style of shoot they cater for is more geared to the professional photography market. Shoreditch 2 is a great example of this. 

Hair and makeup area at Shoreditch 2

Finally, if you are looking for an event space, a blank canvas studio can often suit better, with not much pre-decoration you have full autonomy to style it however you see fit, Dome would be the ideal candidate here. If you’re looking to host an event with a bit more personality, somewhere like Studio East will give you more options than you could possibly imagine!

Event space at Studio East

London Life: Architecture Through the Ages (Part 2)

Edwardian Architecture (1901- 1918)

Following the flamboyance of the Victorian era, saw the emergence of a new era and architectural style, Edwardian. Characterised by a period of revivalism, the Edwardian era was heavily influenced by the Medieval, Baroque and Georgian movements of the past, taking inspiration from all, creating properties with a mishmash of styles that had never been seen before. We, therefore, saw properties that included features such as Dutch gables, deep bay windows, sash windows, small-paned windows and pilasters. Because Britain had been, and still was, developing so rapidly, the Edwardian era saw the birth of a new middle class. Wealth was more widespread and with the development of new railway systems, this new middle class was able to live in the suburbs and work in the city. Edwardians were now able to build homes on larger, leafier plots of land and because of this, Edwardian homes tend to be larger than those that had come before. Moreover, with this new middle class, there was no need for servants quarters, so gone were the days of cellars and out houses. Because London had expanded so much in the previous centuries, most Edwardian houses will be found in London’s garden suburbs, places such as Hampstead, Dulwich, Richmond, Blackheath and now what is often known as Greater London.

Edwardian houses in the suburbs of London

Art Deco Architecture (20s & 30s)

The 1920s saw a massive shift away from the more regimented styles that had gone before. Following the 1st World War, people wanted to forget about the hardship that had gripped the nation for four long years and the bold designs of the Art Deco movement were one way in which Britain did this. New businesses wanted to show off how they were innovative and moving into a new modern, forward-thinking world. They did this via bold colour, clean lines, curves and most notably, geometric patterns. The most distinguishable modern businesses that adopted the Art Deco movement included cinemas, factories, and airports as well as the more flashy industries that wanted to show off their luxury statuses like theatres, hotels and apartment blocks. Some of London’s most iconic Art Deco designs include the Daily Telegraph and Daily Express buildings on Fleet Street The Hoover Building and the now re-modelled Battersea Power Station.

Battersea Power Station

Post War Architecture (1950’s onwards)

Following the 2nd World War and the horrendous Blitz that London suffered, much of the city was left in ruins. Swathes of residential buildings had to be rebuilt and in an effort to do this quickly and efficiently, before the hundreds of thousands of people who had been evacuated returned, high rise blocks were introduced to London. Because of this, there was an extended use of concrete slabs, clean cubic shapes and a lack of ornamentation. This style is most often seen in places that were heavily bombed during the war, such as the Barbican estate. 

Trellick Tower

Present Day

Inspired by the post-war trend of building upwards, property developers in London are still building tall apartment blocks. London is now known worldwide for its spectacular skyline. However, unlike the post(-)war, practical and unattractive designs, the new skyrise buildings are luxurious and lifestyle led with some of the most unique architectural designs in the modern world. While modern houses are constantly being built around the city and its suburbs, the architectural style differs from property to property and so doesn’t necessarily have an overarching style that you can put your finger on. However, if you look along the River Thames for example, you will see many new housing projects being built constantly.  

The Gherkin

So there you have it, London’s architecture through the ages! From the spectacular to the mundane, London truly does have it all!

London Life: Architecture Through the Ages

Every year (up ‘till now) millions of tourists flock to the United Kingdom to enjoy London and its rich cultural heritage and history. Part of this attraction revolves around the eye-catching buildings that can be found around the city and in essence make up a large part of London’s cultural landscape. London residents are lucky enough to experience some of the most eclectic architecture styles that have grown and developed with the city. For centuries London has benefited from a constant social and cultural evolution that has brought in widespread change across all industries, this is reflected in the styles of architecture we see across the city. Unlike many other major cities around the world, London actually grew outwards from The City, and developed over the years in a much more ad hoc way, creating a mishmash of building styles, materials shapes and designs. Many of these styles actually are reflections of the monarch periods, of the specific time, as they wanted to demonstrate the technological advances of their era. Whether you are strolling around Regents Park or sipping coffee in Mayfair, there are distinctive themes and styles that run throughout London making for one of the most diverse cities in the world. Check out our brief guide to the architectural styles that have made London so famous around the world.

Baroque Architecture – (1600-1750)

After the great fire of London in 1666 most of London burnt down, as London was a lot smaller than it is now. Because of this, architects were tasked with the daunting project of rebuilding a whole city from scratch. The main architect who was responsible for rebuilding the city was Christopher Wren who was a huge advocate of the sensual styles of Baroque architecture, utilising curved shaped, strong lines and rich colours. Some of Wren’s most prominent and famous designs include parts of Hampton Court Palace, Kensington Palace and the world-famous St Paul’s Cathedral. Wren designed much of London’s cathedrals at that time, however, St Pauls is the most famous and the best example of Baroque Architecture.

St Paul’s Cathedral

Georgian Architecture – (1714-1830)

After Wren and the Baroque era of architecture, London saw a move away from the sensual and expressive design that encapsulated the 17th Century. Inspired by Roman and Greek Architecture, the Georgian era sought to be the monarch that expanded London’s borders and in turn its wealth, bringing about a time of great urban growth. Many people saw that London was growing, and fast, and so swaths of people came to London in search of work and housing, because of this the Georgians saw a chance to turn a huge profit on all of this and so London saw, for the first time, houses built for mass profit. This was achieved by building many properties in one go rather than individually, and was the start of what we now know as terraced housing. The Georgians certainly re shaped the capital’s cultural landscape but they also re shaped the way it looked. As well as building many residential properties that can be found in North and West London, they were responsible for building many of London’s great housing estates that have stood the test of time. Next time you are near the Grosvenor or Bedford estates, look at their design with tall flat fronted terraces made up of red or brown brick, this was the signature Georgian design.

Georgian terraced housing

Regency Architecture – (1811-1820)

Regency architecture is defined as the period that prompted the end of the Georgian era. Despite only lasting around nine years, the Regency style architecture left a lasting imprint on the city of London. It was this nine-year period that saw many of London’s central residential buildings erected. Unlike the rest of the Georgian terraced housing, the new Regency architecture was designed to a far higher spec and was characterised by their white stucco frontage. The reason this period was so short lived was because the architect who was employed to do all this, John Nash, had far too elaborate ideas that ended up costing the crown too much, so he was let go. However, what he did build was far more intrinsic and pretty to look at, which is why today the Regency style architecture still lives on in some of the wealthiest parts of London.  Examples include areas such as Belgravia and the housing around Regents Park.

White Stucco Frontage of Regency Architecture

 Victorian Architecture – (1837 -1901)

Following the industrial revolution and the country’s new found wealth and prosperity, the Victorian Era is defined by the revival of more intricate and elaborate architectural styles. Based around more Gothic styles and designs, the Victorians built some of the most recognisable buildings London has ever seen, including the Houses of Parliament and St Pancras Station. As well as the buildings showcasing the Victorian grandeur, the period was also known for the introduction of mass housing for the new and expanding middle class who were experiencing real wealth for the first time. Because of this, most residential streets in London have examples of Victorian housing and most likely yours too. On the other end of the scale, the Victorians were also responsible for being the first monarch to implement permanent housing programmes for the poor who worked in the factories and such. This period was a huge turning point for London’s residents, with all cross sections of society able to live in properly constructed homes with appropriate sanitation.

The Houses of Parliament

Daring to be different

Here at 1st Option we have never been short of unique and striking properties, ranging from the most incredible family homes to styled studios all the way to renovated gin distilleries. Since lockdown we may have had to put things on hold as shooting was not possible to continue, however, since the easing of lockdown commenced, we have had more and more properties become available where socially distanced shooting can safely begin again, and as always you are not going to be short of an exceptional shoot location. So if you are thinking about life after lockdown and getting back to work, then check out our catalogue of unique and completely different shoot locations that are available right now!

The first location here is something rather special, Jubilee Tavern is in fact a Georgian public house located in the heart of the East End of London. The location itself boasts a shabby chic interior that features leather seating, a wooden bar top, beer taps as well as period wallpapers and prints. This is all complimented by leaded windows and a whole host of one of a kind ornaments and furniture.

Shabby Chic interiors of Jubilee Tavern

Looking for something a bit more slick and pristine? Then Optical is certainly for you. This East London shoot location is a four-storey townhouse that perfectly mixes period features with mid-century modernist lighting and furniture. The colour tones offer fresh pastels mixed with crisp whites, which perfectly blend with the use of wooden flooring and furniture that are seen throughout.

Fresh pastels Optical has to offer

Rocket Gallery is our next featured shoot location, and it’s easy to see why. Again located in East London, this studio/art gallery offers a well-lit studio space with a white backdrop that runs the whole way around the shoot space. This is perfectly complemented by bold pops of colour that can be found on the artwork and furniture located around the gallery.

Pops of bold colour make for a striking shoot location

Moving to South London (not all our properties are located in East London), Hither is the next shoot location to become available for shooting again. This Victorian house has been completely stripped back to its bare bones and then styled in the most minimalist Scandi aesthetic you could imagine. Featuring wooden flooring and furniture set against exposed brickwork, Hither really is a dream of a shoot location.

Minimalist interior styling of Hither

Last but by no means least, we present Old Chelsea Factory, a truly unique large scale warehouse located in the borough of Chelsea and Kensington. Due to its size it is perfect for a socially distanced film or photoshoot. It is a single storey warehouse space at first glance, however, it features a basement that is adorned with its original 70’s style aesthetic. On the main floor, Old Chelsea Factory has 12 vast windows that offer tons of natural light, parquet flooring and 4.5 metre ceilings.

70’s style aesthetic of Old Chelsea Factory

We are available on our normal line so if any of these properties give you the urge to get back to it then give us a call or drop us a message, we are always here to help with any of your shooting requirements.

Going Back to Work

As we enter the ninth week of lockdown there is a slightly different feeling in the air of London. Whether that be from the reduced amount of pollution in the air or more likely, the easing of lockdown and the impending return to life as we know it, there is definitely something on the horizon for the population of the UK. Over the past two weeks we have seen an influx of businesses and industries return to work with many different measures in place to make it safe to do so. The working world may look slightly different to how it was before, however, slowly and surely the United Kingdom is starting to get its cogs moving forward again. With much of the retail and hospitality industries returning to work it was only a matter of time before the rest of the country followed suit where safe and possible.

While work hasn’t stopped here at 1st Option, working from home has certainly brought about a different way of life with its own set of challenges to overcome. Nonetheless, we have faced them head on and now we can clearly see that we have overcome them. As a business that relies heavily on crews of people working together, when the lockdown was put into full effect we could have shut up shop and waited for life as we knew it before to return before opening up again, however, optimism and positivity were the buzz words that have guided our team through these toughest of times. Through engaging with our clients, behind the scenes we have been tirelessly working to see how we can come back from this pandemic stronger than ever with a greater understanding of our client’s needs and wants moving forward.

Work Life in the Office

Because of this, we are now at an incredibly exciting moment where we not only are starting to take bookings again, but also at a stage where we can safely look at returning to the office to really get the ball rolling. After nearly three months of working from home this genuinely is the most exciting news we could have hoped for. There is only one way forward and we have to tackle everything head on, which is why we now have the ability to implement thorough strategies to allow for safe shoots. We hope that once we do return to the office in the coming weeks that we can kick on from the position we have been able to align ourselves with and get more and more people back to business as usual.

As of right now we are on the right path, in rigorous contact with clients talking though how and where it is safe to shoot again. Because of this, we do now have a wide selection of shoot locations that are available to shoot in right now, ranging from stately homes all the way to boathouses. You can check them all out under our ‘restriction friendly‘ filter on the website, for now though, here are a few teasers to get you as excited as we are for what’s to come.

Another of our incredible shoot locations that is safe and available to shoot in the spacious and fabulously luxurious Soho Loft. This apartment is located in the famous Soho Lofts complex and is one of the largest in the whole complex, making it perfect for a socially distanced shoot. Designed by an award-winning interior designer, the space is finished with a rustic aesthetic, completed to the highest of standards, featuring exposed brick and a whole host of unique furnishings and backdrops.

Award winning interior styling of Soho Loft

Offering something completely different is the ever popular Spratts Factory. Spratts Factory is in fact exactly what you would expect, a warehouse/factory that has been beautifully converted into a home. Keeping many of its original features, this East London shoot location features double height ceilings, exposed brickwork throughout and some gloriously large crittal windows. With the eye-catching polished wood flooring complementing the exposed brick and striking furniture, Spratts Factory offers a striking industrial chic aesthetic that can’t be replicated.

The Gorgeous Interior styling of Spratts Factory

Finally, we give you the aptly named Cheyne, a superb houseboat located in Chelsea, featuring loads of incredible features as well as space, making it perfect for a distanced shoot with a small crew. Benefitting from floor to ceiling crittal windows, this Scandi style houseboat not only offers an abundance of natural light but some truly spectacular views of the City and the River Thames. Finished to a very high spec with wooden flooring, countertops and furnishings as well as tiled areas, this unique shoot location has tons to offer and is available to shoot in right now.

The unique shoot location that is Cheyne

As stated at the top of the article, we are incredibly excited to get back to business as usual, however, we must reiterate that we are only able to do this where it is safe to do so. There have been ample measures put in place by our amazing owners to make sure that all of our locations have enough space and PPE available to allow this to happen. If you are ready to go back to work and are interested in any of the properties listed here, or in fact the rest that are featured within our ‘restriction friendly‘ section, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our amazing bookings team, we are always here to help! 

Styled Studios

Ten days have now passed since our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced that there would be certain measures taken by the Government and Police Forces to ease aspects of this nationwide lockdown that has gripped us for the past nine weeks.  People are now allowed to come into contact with other individuals, as long as the two metre social distancing measures can be adhered to, and certain jobs and industries have been advised that they should return to work where it is safe to do so.

Since then we have been in rigorous contact with our clients and location owners, looking at ways in which we can safely help get people’s businesses back up and running. We now have a wide variety of properties, including styled studios, houses and apartments, that are available and that comply with the government’s social distancing laws. If you are ready to get back to work and start shooting, we should be able to help you with any of your shooting requirements.

If you are in need of a studio for your next shoot but are struggling for inspiration then you have come to the right place as we, as always, have an incredible range of styled studios that are available and safe to shoot in right now.

The first studio we have to offer is the remarkably eye-catching Friendly Place. This large warehouse style shoot location is set over multiple floors, each offering a completely different aesthetic, with a whole host of quirky props and unusual backdrops, allowing for endless shooting opportunities. This purpose made shoot location has multiple set up areas which are perfect for social distancing and due to its versatility, has great scope for creating unique and striking imagery.

Friendly Place’s unusual and quirky backdrops

Staying in East London and with the quirky and offbeat aesthetic, Dalston Heights is our next styled studio that is safe and available to shoot in. Suitable for filming and photoshoots, this eclectic studio is spread over a vast amount of space making it an ideal spot for some socially distanced shooting. What’s more, the space is specifically designed for shoots with as many interesting and wacky props as you could imagine.

Striking furniture and props of Dalston Heights

Up next we go to north London and the 2600 sq ft studio, Belt Craft. This ex-textile factory situated near Seven Sisters has been completely stripped back to its rawest elements with wooden flooring and exposed brickwork, offering you the chance to put your own spin on your shoot. The space oozes character due to its interesting props and furniture that are complemented by tons of natural light.

The raw stylings of Belt Craft

Our next location also hails from North London and is also an ex-textile factory, this time an ex-buckle factory. Again, similarly to Belt Craft, Buckle Factory has been stripped back to its rawest elements with original wooden panelling, exposed brickwork and concrete flooring adding to the space’s character. With large windows all around, the studio offers loads of natural light for your shooting needs.

Bucke Factory’s concrete flooring and exposed brickwork

Last but by no means least we give you The Lab. Perfectly suited for social distancing, this former tram depot has been beautifully restored into a completely open plan 2600 sq ft studio and is situated in the heart of East London. Standout features include wooden beams, stone flooring white brick feature walls. Furthermore, due to an array of skylights the studio benefits from tons of natural light that compliment the stripped back decor inside.

Tons of natural light at The Lab

If you are looking to get back shooting and are in need of a studio then get in touch via email, telephone or on our website, we have many more available properties and are happy to talk through the measures that are in place to help make sure that everyone is safe.

Socially Distanced Shooting

For the last two months life has ground to a halt, shops have closed, businesses have shut their doors and staff have been made to work from home. Everyone has had to adjust to a new way of life, doing their bit by staying at home to protect the NHS and save lives.  Because of this, many industries and companies have had to press the pause button on moving forward with business as usual, one of which of course has been location agencies. However, after two months of lockdown and social distancing, on the Sunday 10th of May, our Prime Minister Boris Johnson eased the lockdown allowing certain industries to return to work where social distancing could be adhered to. Behind the scenes here at 1st Option we’ve been discussing how we can safely allow shoots to start up again, including checking in with location owners and clients. We have a brand new section on our website called ‘restriction friendly’. These homes have procedures in place to allow small crews to safely shoot. 

If you are in need of a location for your shooting requirements, then worry no more as we now have an abundance of properties available whilst complying with the government guidelines on social distancing. 

First up, we give you the quirky and extremely eye catching Blue. Situated in North London, Blue is immensely trendy and modern with minimalist features running throughout the property making it ideal for photoshoots and filming. Inside you find a striking property with many arty furniture pieces that consist of bold structures and colours, that are often juxtaposed by natural coloured walls and concrete flooring that run throughout. On top of this, the property features some incredible wooden beams that are complemented by an abundance of natural light. 

Blue’s eye catching living space

Next up we go South of the River and offer up Kempshott Road located walking distance from Balham Brixton and Streatham, however, there is free on street unrestricted parking that is perfect for crews driving to locations to avoid public transport. Kempshott Road is a recently restored and renovated five bedroom Victorian house that has kept many of its original period features. This photographic property offers a diverse range of styles and features throughout including ceiling roses and period fireplaces in some parts, industrial unique and ravaged styles in other parts and more delicate feminine styles in other parts of the property. Due to its eclectic range of features and styles, you won’t be short of unique backdrops for your shooting needs here. 

Kempshott Road’s striking bathroom

Moving back to North London, our next property that is currently available for photoshoots and filming is the ever popular Nash, located between Islington and Dalston. Nash offers a contemporary forward thinking vibe that is reminiscent of the Scandi style that has been at the forefront of interior styling for so long, with a natural palette and understated decoration throughout. Due to a completely open plan ground floor, Nash’s muted colour tones that are set against the lighter and more airy kitchen space offer a perfect backdrop for photoshoots and filming as they allow for tons of natural light to spread in through the crittal windows. 

Tons of natural light form the crittal windows

Our next available property comes in the form of the beautiful Balham House, located in South London. Set over several floors, Balham House is owned and designed by a stylist and because of this, has an array of features that make it ideal for photoshoots. Standout features include parquet flooring throughout, antique beds and other antique furniture pieces as well as quirky props. This is all set against a fresh neutral palette that shows off the properties incredible features. On top of this Balham House has a fantastically modern kitchen, living room and terraced garden that allows for a wide variety of shooting requirements. 

Gorgeous parquet flooring

If you’re looking for something more specific, however, then we also have you covered. Take a look at High View 2. With two kitchens, both boating completely different aesthetics, High View 2 is the perfect location for a cooking shoot. The first kitchen offers a gorgeous fresh palette complemented by wooden flooring, a marble countertop and an Aga to match. Furthermore, due to the large windows that look out onto the garden at the back, there is an abundance of natural light that floods in. The second kitchen comes in a crisp white colour tone that allows you to style the area however you see fit.

The first of High View 2’s kitchens

Finally, if a studio is what you are after then Concrete Studio is also available now. Situated in East London, Concrete Studio is a 1020sq ft studio with double height ceilings, polished concrete flooring and underfloor heating. All of this makes it perfect for filming and photoshoots. On top of this, There are 2 x 16 amp single phase commando socket supplies, 1 x 32 amp single phase commando socket supplies, 8 X 13 amp twin switch socket supplies and 63 amp 3 phase and neutral switch interlock socket facilities in the studio. If this wasn’t enough, It also has a wet room, kitchenette with oven, hotplates, coffee machine, toaster, grill etc. There is a double height scaffold tower available for shooting from above, and the fluorescent lighting is dimmable.  

Concrete Studio

We’re here to discuss your shoot needs on our normal office line or on email so please do give us a ring if you would like to discuss a potential shoot.

Working From Home, We’re Obsessed with Podcasts

Are you listening to podcasts yet? Well neither was I until fairly recently, aside from the occasional one on youtube about a matter I was particularly interested in, on that specific day, I had never given podcasts that much thought. I always believed that if I needed information about something, the best place to get the information would be an article or a book. In fact it wasn’t until the start of lockdown that I truly harnessed the power of the podcast. After seeing an advert from ITV and BT promoting podcasts, how to use them and how they can benefit you during lockdown, I decided to look into them and the rest is history as they say.

During these times, with half the nation furloughed and the whole nation bound between their four walls, there has never been a better time to broaden your knowledge and podcasts are the perfect way to do this with podcasters producing content every week based around literally any topic ranging from lifestyle, arts, music and style all the way to politics, business, education and technology. There are even weekly podcasts dedicated to things like murder mysteries or general chit chat’s. The possibilities literally are endless, you genuinely won’t be able to run out of things to listen to. So without further ado, we give you our favourite podcasts to listen to right now from the 1st option team to you.

First up we have Sophia and her choice ‘Women’s Health “Going for Goal”’. As a fitness fanatic obsessed with all things health and wellbeing, I was delighted to discover a recent Series launch by Women’s Health Magazine, “Going for Goal”. Senior Editor Roisin Dervish-O’Kane takes you through popular wellbeing topics including nutrition, health and emotional wellbeing. The episodes are around 30 minutes each and have at least 1 guest speaker, my favourite so far has to be Dr Hazel Wallace’s appearance on “How to Meal Prep And Spend Less on Food.” There is already a wealth of content available, which is great for those (like me!) who air on the side of inpatient, recent episodes include special COVID-19 content including beating the working from home burnout.

Moving on we give you Kate’s first choice, ‘You must remember this’. For years I’ve only listened to one podcast since it’s my absolute favourite. ‘You Must Remember This” is a podcast exploring the secret and/or forgotten histories of Hollywood’s first century. As a huge fan of film, it’s amazing to hear the stories behind the films and the stars that I love. There are seasons on the silent era, old Hollywood blondes like Marilyn Monroe and Jean Harlow, the corruption of MGM studios, the Manson Murders and individuals like Madonna, Joan Crawford and Frank Sinatra. The host, Karina Longworth’s voice takes some getting used to but once you have you really sink into the amazing, well researched stories.

Taking you slightly more towards the fashion and lifestyle industries our next choice was ‘Dressed: The History of Fashion’. As someone who is incredibly interested in fashion and clothing, in general, this was a no brainer for me, and hopefully something that you could really while the hours away with, learning about the fascinating and complex history behind the clothes we wear today. Launched by HowStuffWorks, the podcast delves into the social and cultural constructs around the why, who, what, when and wear around clothes. Some episodes explore the origins surrounding our favourite fashion houses like Louis Vuitton, Coco Channel and Yves Saint Lauren while others dive into dress codes and why certain groups have an affiliation with that certain style of dress. For example, one recently was on the tradition of prom in the united states and the formation of the teenage obsession with it. After all, many subcultures and even cultures themselves have their roots and ideologies surrounded by dress sense and style so learning about fashions origins and how it links to culture, is a truly compelling and a must listen.

Next up Nina-Jade takes you back to the world of film with her choice, the exceptional ‘Scriptnotes’. As someone who has been acting my whole life and completely obsessed with acting and the whole industry, educating myself through a light hearted medium was something I had been longing for for a while. When I stumbled across Scriptnotes a few years ago it opened my eyes massively and with hundreds of episodes ready and waiting there are endless hours of content covering all aspects of screenwriting and the film industry more generally. Hosted by John August, the screenwriter behind countless Tim Burton films, and Craig Mazin who wrote The Hangover films, the podcast offers precious tips on the sweet science of screenwriting and how to crack Hollywood as well as some stellar interviews with Hollywood’s elite for good measure. I would recommend Scriptnotes in a heartbeat if you are interested in films and acting, the hosts genuinely care about educating and inspiring the listeners so give it a listen and you wont be left pondering about time wasted.

Another fascinating podcast I have been completely engrossed with in recent months is Desert Island Dishes. The captivating podcast is based on the ever famous radio 4 show Desert Island Discs, swapping out music for food. They aren’t currently making new episodes, however, there is enough of a backlog to keep you going for months. Hosted by chef and cookery writer Margie Nomura, the podcast invites a whole range of chefs and celebrities to choose five dishes that have changed their lives. It is truly fascinating to learn about such a diverse range of cooking styles, techniques and ingredients. If you are a foodie like me then this is also a must listen!

So there you have it, five incredible podcasts covering a wide range of topics that are ready and waiting for you to sink your teeth into. Give it a go and you won’t be let down!